Watch the Entirety of the Ruby-Spears Mega Man Cartoon -- Legitimately -- on YouTube

Somewhere between “falling under the radar” and “no one ever tells us anything” is this bit of news that’s been making the rounds: You can now watch the original 90’s Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon on YouTube.

“So what,” you might be saying. “People have been uploading the show there for as long as YouTube’s been around!”

Okay, so you’ve got me there. However, if you’ve got some sort of hang-up over the legitimacy of fortebluesrock147’s work (Note: Not a real person… I think?), then good news! These uploads are the real deal!

Back in May 2017, DHX Media subsidiary WindBrain decided to upload everything to a channel fittingly titled “Mega Man Retro - Official Channel.” And as these types of channels tend to do, they update periodically by reposting episodes, mini-marathons, and such. So if you don’t feel like binging now and would rather be fed your episodes more organically, you can just subscribe and watch as episodes get relisted.

Unfortunately, Rockman Corner says that the video quality is inconsistent throughout, and if you want a higher quality experience, then you might be better served by the 2014 DVD box set (which has a story attached to it that I should probably tell sometime).

Still, for the price you’re paying, I guess it’s still an alright deal? Makes you wonder, though.

If you’re not interested in sitting through all 27 episodes and taking in the low points along with the high, then here are my personal recommendations/favorite episodes of the series: