How to Meganize Nero in Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 is here, and going by the reviews listed on Metacritic, it seems pretty good (even the worst review scores it in what I’d consider the “okay” range)!

As you may recall, a little bit of Blue Bomber goodness was included to make this adventure a little more Mega-riffic, as Nero is able to obtain and use the legendary Mega Buster in battle:

The Mega Buster came as a downloadable content (DLC) bonus with the Deluxe and Collector’s Editions of the game. However, those of you who might not have pre-ordered in time (or had theirs cancelled, as there have been some reports of) may be asking yourself, “Special edition or no, I’m ready to play now. But how can I be a Mega Man, too?”

Fortunately, there is another way! According to, Nico’s in-game shop will stock the solar-bullet spewing arm cannon, but you’re going to need to stock up on funds to buy it, to the tune of 1,000 red orbs. (Hope those are easy enough to get; I have no idea.)

Do this, and you’ll be ready to have Nero join the fight for everlasting peace! With the Mega Buster equipped, Nero not only has a nice, lemony long-range attack that should hopefully be good for crowd control and a charge shot for bigger threats, but it also alters his jump animation so that he raises his arms outstretched over his head — just like a certain little robot boy we all know and love.

Have you played Devil May Cry 5 yet? Have you unleashed the raw might of Mega Man and struck mechanical fear into the demonic hearts that stand in your way? Share your experiences in the comments below!