Mega Man Death Battle Aftermath

A few days ago, Death Battle! debuted their latest episode, the Mega Man Battle Royale. In it, five Mega Men were sized up and then squared off in a fight to see who would be the last Mega Man standing.

Since then, the Death Battle! channel has added some follow-up content. There are spoilers, of course, so if you don’t want to find out who won ahead of time, be sure to check out the link above first (and maybe avoid the comments on that post, as well as this one, until then). Naturally, all of this has a Not Safe For Work language warning attached.

First up is the latest Death Battle Cast, featuring a Q&A session regarding the clash we’ve just witnessed:

Next up, there’s a video of bloopers from the recording session for the video, if that’s your sort of thing:

That was fun. Something tells me this won’t be the last time we see a Mega Man — or Mega Man character — in a Death Battle, so who would you like to see, and who would you like to see them square off against? Sound off in the comments below! It likely won’t have any bearing on anything, but it’s fun to imagine and discuss.