Mega Man Fans, Prepare to Rock On and Roll Out in Street Fighter V!

Hey, remember about a month ago when Guts Man became a costume for Balrog in Street Fighter V (not to mention Air Man for Rashid, which I seemed to miss)? Good times for the second-stringers of the franchise.

But now it’s time for some of the main eventers to play!

Soon, you’ll be able to dress up Ryu as the original Blue Bomber, while Sakura won’t be his sister, but rather, Roll Caskett from Mega Man Legends! Which I guess makes a certain sort of sense, seeing as they’re not related and she’s a bit younger than him. It kinda works.

Unlike the Guts Man costume, you won’t have to jump through any fancy hoops to get these — just drop $3.99 USD each starting February 26th, and they’re yours! (I’ve had the game for a while, and though I haven’t gotten to play it yet, I’ll probably buy these anyway for when I do.)

These aren’t the only costumes coming, however. Alex gets a costume of Leo from Red Earth, while Zangief channels his inner luchador as “The Gief.” If you’re interested, you can check those out, along with the Robot Bundle (sorry, no Mega Man stuff there, despite the name), over at Capcom Unity.

Thanks to @GileumRix on Twitter for alerting me to this!