Princesses and Metal Blades Make Deadly Bedfellows in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Everyone knows that the Metal Blade is quite possibly the most OP move in the entire Mega Man Classic franchise. Even the guy who originally wields it can only stand up to two shots from it, max (one if you’re playing on Normal mode).

All these years later, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, it seems that the same case can be made — just not for the Blue Bomber this time.

Twitter user @Teitoku06142 recently showed that in the right hands, the weapon can be every bit as devastating in Smash as it was in Mega Man 2. And those right hands just happen to belong to two princesses from the Mario series: Peach, and her Echo Fighter, Daisy.

If you weren’t able to follow that (and don’t worry, I couldn’t, either), EventHubs has the play-by-play breakdown:

By immediately cancelling a jump with a float, falling, and then followed by a z-drop of the metal blade, Peach and Daisy essentially have access to a death combo. Within about six seconds, Mega Man's damage is shown to rise above 150%.

Inevitably, the Mega Man is defeated with Daisy's back aerial to finish the job. If you're a Mega Man player, you definitely don't want Peach or Daisy to get their hands on your generated Metal Blade.

Ridley made short work of our hero with his tail in his debut trailer, but even that’s nothing compared to the sheer fury on display here.

Will this be patched out at some point? It’s anyone’s guess, but in the meantime, any Mega Mains might want to have a pinch hitter handy in case someone else picks one of this pair of princesses.