Did You Know Gaming's Region Locked Rolls Out Rockboard

Did You Know Gaming’s show about video games that never made their way to the west, “Region Locked,” recently took a look at one of the few games from the Rockman franchise to never officially bear the Mega Man name: Wily & Right’s Rockboard: That’s Paradise for the Famicom.

Though there is a patch to translate the game (a little patchwork in its design as it may be), it’s nevertheless still disappointing that Capcom and Digital Eclipse felt that the game did not fall under the parameters of what they hoped to accomplish with Mega Man Legacy Collection. That said, I was always a little surprised that Capcom never once considered capitalizing on the short-lived mascot party game craze with an update of the title, either.

Will Rockboard ever have its day in the sun with western gamers? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in seeing more of the Rockman Series video featured here, Protodude got his hands on it a while ago, and has shared it for all to see: