The Tale of the Tape: Death Battle Examines the Original Mega Man

As previously reported, the next episode of Death Battle is going to feature a Mega Man Battle Royale between the original Blue Bomber, his Maverick Hunter descendant, the Digger from thousands of years on, the NetNavi of another world, and that world’s star successor.

Following the usual proceedings, the Death Battle channel has posted a teaser for the upcoming fight by giving a light examination of one of the competitors, Naturally, where else would you start but at the beginning?

Now here’s a crazy thought: They do show images from the comics, and they do tend to draw from different mediums when compiling an “ideal” version of a character. Think they’ll use Super Mega Man?

No, not the Rush adapter form from Mega Man 7 — I mean that form powered up by the Chaos Emeralds.

In any case, next up is Mega Man X… whenever they get around to posting that.