More Info About Dragalia Lost's Mega Man Event

As promised, Dragalia Lost director Yuji Okada has updated us with some of what we can expect from this winter’s special event, “Mega Man: Chaos Protocol.”

As posted on the Dragalia Lost blog, the event is scheduled to begin in late November, with players able to take on Mega Man as a temporary adventurer. However, if you’re able to reach a certain level of friendship with the Blue Bomber, he’ll stay with you even after the event ends.

It sounds as though they’re trying to keep the character as faithful to how he appears in his own games as possible, from how he moves and attacks to his damage animations, and even when his health reaches 0 (I think we all know what that means!).

Mega Man will also be bringing with him certain skills and shape-shifting capabilities, but while we are assured they are “distinctly Mega Man,” details will have to wait for a further update.

Intriguingly, Mega Man will be joining in the fight against Greatwyrms, who will be displaying “special” behavior during the event. They aren’t saying who it is yet, but apparently someone else has come to the world of Dragalia Lost for this occasion, and it seems they’re tied in to this somehow. Any guesses?

If all that wasn’t enough, there will be event-specific music, items, weapons, and wyrmprints to get.

That’s all the information for now, with more promised in the November update, so be sure to check back then!