Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 Trophy Roadmap & Acquisition Guide

written by NeoChozo

Welcome to The Mega Man Network trophy acquisition guide for the second volume of the Mega Man X Legacy Collection. This half of the collection has the last four games in the series along with the (mostly) same X Challenge Mode. This guide contains a complete trophy listing along with hints on the most efficient ways to earn each one so you can claim the Platinum Trophy.


  1. Introductory Note

  2. Trophy Acquisition Roadmaps

  3. Trophy Classifications/Requirements

    • Platinum

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    • Silver

    • Bronze

  4. Legal Info


So this is a Trophy guide. That means I wrote it with the PlayStation 4 version of the game in mind. If you have the Switch or Xbox One version, then all of this information remains the same, but there are different names for the achievements or what-have-you. For the purposes of this guide, I will be classifying trophies/achievements by rank and type as shown on the PS4.


The following section contains the roadmap paths for the next four games as well as a breakdown of the trophies with unlock requirements and their colors. Roadmaps are provided to give you the best path through the game to quickly collect as many trophies as possible.


This one is going to take you a couple of playthroughs, although not all of them have to be complete trips through the game. At the very least, you will need two save files — one in which Zero doesn't go Maverick, and one in which he does. You can use the first to beat the game as both X and Zero, and the second to beat the game as X so that you get the trophy for seeing all of the endings.

Barring that, this game is going to require quite a bit of game manipulation, from repeatedly reloading save files for the Enigma trophy to counting down hours to get the first Maverick up to level 8. Besides those, most of the trophies can be unlocked with just your two normal save files. Remember though that you can't turn on Rookie Mode at any point, as this prevents the game completion trophy from unlocking.


Just about everything here can be acquired in a single playthrough, as long as speed isn't on your mind. You'll have to play around quite a bit in the eight stages in order to get all of the Nightmare phenomena, and be careful not to acquire 3,000 Nightmare Souls or else you'll prematurely access Gate's laboratory. The only thing you should need a second save file for (unless you're like me and just prefer using Zero for this game) is the one awarded for using Black Zero, as you can't get Black Zero and Ultimate Armor both in a single save file. Fortunately there is no trophy to worry about here for rescuing all of the Reploids, since some of them tend to die rather easily while you get trapped somewhere.

The last thing to keep in mind is that you will have to use Rookie Mode at least once for one trophy, so I recommend getting that one first before ever corrupting a save file with the memory of using that mode, because turning it on even once automatically takes away your ability to get the game completion trophy.


This game will require a couple of save files, because on one hand, you'll be going so slow so as to get all of the support calls while also babysitting the hapless Reploids. The only saving grace of this title's trophies is that it doesn't require you to view all character endings, and thus you really only have to beat the game once. If you're going to pick one character to give all the upgrades to, my recommendation is X simply because he starts off so overpowered, so you might as well give yourself the edge because the game is so unfair in its later stages. Anyway, survive to the end of this monstrosity so you can get the completion trophy, and please remember not to use Rookie Mode at all so that you don't have to replay it more than necessary.

Unless you're in that select minority that actually believed this was a good game... if that applies to you, then I congratulate you. I... really don't know what else to say. Play Mega Man X7 to your heart's content.

Image courtesy of ShadowRockZX.


With all of the codes available (see the individual trophy descriptions), the amount of playtime necessary to get all of the trophies is significantly reduced. You actually need only play through completely once to upgrade all of your characters to 100% if you use the ∑ Blade code in conjunction with the ones that unlock the Navigators.

From here it is just a matter of farming enough metals to purchase every item/upgrade in order to get those respective trophies. I recommend X for most of the game if you're going to use the Ultimate Armor code simply because the Nova Strike wastes bosses like they aren't even there. Bring Zero along for most of the time unless you specifically need Axl's DNA Copy ability (which you will for some things, like using Runnerbomb DNA or getting through parts of Pandamonium's stage).

Still, with all of the codes, you should only need to complete the game one time in a Normal Mode playthrough in order to get every trophy. Remember that you just can't use Rookie Mode at all, or it will prevent acquisition of that game completion trophy.

One last note for the armor codes: You don't need to input one, start the game, and then go back and input another. The game will store each code as you unlock something, so just go ham and input all codes at the same time to save yourself some work.


Trophies are categorized into four distinct classes - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Bronze are easier to obtain and usually don't require a whole lot.  As you progress up, the requirements are usually larger or more difficult. A Platinum Trophy, when available in a game, is only earned once every other trophy has been earned. Below is a list of trophies in the game by category, as well as detailed descriptions on what to do for each one.



This one is the game's Platinum Trophy, and is only acquired once you've earned all other trophies in the game. There are no other special unlock requirements; once you earn the last trophy during gameplay, the Platinum Trophy will automatically unlock.



Earn the Completion Trophies for Mega Man X5, Mega Man X6, Mega Man X7, and Mega Man X8. Remember that the completion trophies don't unlock if you have spent any portion of the game in Rookie Mode.



This one is annoying as well, though not nearly as much as the "Out of the Frying Pan" one. For this, you have to get past all of the Force Beam lasers in Zero Virus Stage 1 without using the Dark Hold. Do not, and I repeat, do not use the Gaea Armor as it sticks to walls. Similarly, I recommend against using Falcon Armor, because for all the mobility it gives X, it really seems to slow him down.

Consider manipulating your Parts acquisition to get the Speedster and Hyper Dash parts as they will definitely help you out. The only advice I can offer is simply to memorize the route or watch one of the many videos on YouTube of the optimal route and copy from there. Anyway, once you pass all three gauntlets of beams and make it to the boss door, the trophy will unlock.


You have to view all three endings available in the game for this trophy. For this you need at least two save files: One where Zero doesn't go Maverick and one where he does. This way you can get X and Zero's "good" (if you can call them that) endings off of one file and X's "bad" ending off of the second. Once you've beaten the game three times and seen all endings, the trophy will unlock at the conclusion of the third ending cutscene.


This is the game completion trophy for Mega Man X5. It unlocks as long as you don't use Rookie Mode at all during a single playthrough. Once the ending cinematic has played and you've sat through the credits, wait at the final ending screen for the trophy to unlock.


This is the game completion trophy for Mega Man X6. It unlocks as long as you don't use Rookie Mode at all during a single playthrough. Fulfill this requirement and once you get to the Results screen, the trophy will unlock.


You get this trophy by completing any stage in the game without switching to your secondary character. There's really no good reason why this is a silver trophy, as it's incredibly easy to accomplish.


You have to *groan* *sigh* rescue all 128 wounded Reploids in the game to get this trophy. On one hand, let's be thankful it's easier than in the previous game, where you could lose a Reploid to a Nightmare through absolutely no fault of your own. On the other hand, some of these Reploids get taken out by background objects in the stage, so it's just as frustrating.

My recommendation is simply to save every chance you get, and if one of the poor guys gets taken out or shows up as dead in your inventory, reset the game and try the stage again. Once you've rescued everyone in the game, you'll unlock the trophy.


This is the game completion trophy for Mega Man X7. It doesn't matter which character you use to beat the game, and as with the other ones, you can't use Rookie Mode at all during the game. Once the credits have finished, wait about 10 seconds and you should get the trophy.

Image courtesy of ShadowRockZX.


You have to upgrade X, Zero, and Axl all to 100% in the Chip Development lab, and it's going to take a little bit of work. While you do earn about 3,5000 metals per boss fight and you can equip the Metal Generator item to get them just by running around (try taping down the Left button and run that direction at the start of a stage), you'll still need a lot of metals to get to this point.

Without using the codes listed in this guide, you can get X and Axl to 100% in a single playthrough, but to get Zero's last item (the ∑ Blade), you have to finish the game and save clear data into a new save file. (This is the same process by which you ordinarily unlock the ability to purchase the three Navigator items.) Once you have all items for the three characters and they are at 100%, you'll get the trophy.

  • Metals needed to purchase everything for ALL*:              51,405

  • Metals needed to purchase everything for X:                     12,600

  • Metals needed to purchase everything for Zero:              97,250

  • Metals needed to purchase everything for Axl:                 58,900

  • Total amount needed:                                                                   220,155

So these price totals factor in purchasing the Metal Discount item, which will reduce prices by 10%. It's not a lot, but anything helps. I also don't factor in extra metals you'll be spending for Life Tank fills, Prickle Barriers, or Retry Chips — any of the optional stuff you'll be wanting. Third, keep in mind that if you're just trophy hunting, you need only buy one Navigator weapon and play as that character for the Navigator trophy; there's no need to buy all three and there's absolutely nothing in the game for upgrading them to 100% except a different feel to the game.

Lastly, the single best way to farm metal in this game is to go to Earthrock Trilobyte's stage. Here you can do two things: One is to lure the giant Mechaniloid over to where the passage to the Light Capsule is, then stay in the corner and pound away with Axl's Ray Gun. It gets you a decent amount of metal even though most fall behind the robot where you can't get them, but the Mechaniloid can't touch you here and you can stay here indefinitely.

The second method is to proceed like normal and hit the robot's head three times with the crane. As it runs away, blast it with the Ray Gun and don't let up. The Mechaniloid will never actually "leave" the screen and it will drop more red metals. Let go of Attack so you can dash to pick them up and then blast it again. Once you settle into a good pattern, you can farm about 5,000 per trip. Die to the spikes and repeat until you have a game over.


This is the game completion trophy for Mega Man X8. It doesn't matter which character you use to beat the game, and as with the other ones, you can't use Rookie Mode at all during the game. There is a catch, though — you cannot use the game's Easy Mode to score this trophy, because the final boss doesn't even appear in that mode. So beat the game on Normal or Hard, and once the credits have finished, you'll get the trophy.


This one requires you to be pretty fast on your feet — you have to defeat any stage in the X Challenge mode within a minute (or more than 9:00 left on the timer). I recommend the first one, and just spam the special weapons that you know will defeat them the fastest. Practice if you can't get it at first, and of course, there's no harm in doing it on Easy Mode to make it, well, easier. Finish the round within one minute and you'll get the trophy.


This one is almost the opposite of the above trophy. For this one, you really have to take your time, as you have to draw a single round out until there's less than 3:00 remaining. I suggest taking out one of the Mavericks and then baiting the other one around to run down the clock. Strike the finishing blow when it says 2:59 to end the round and claim the trophy.


Just like in the previous collection, you have to complete all ten stages in X Challenge mode (remember, 6 bosses per stage times 10 equals 60 fights). Once you've beaten the last stage and gotten the game clear screen, the trophy will unlock.


Image courtesy of ShadowRockZX.


This is unlocked in the same fashion as its partner trophy in the first four games. Beat a game, then set the secret wallpaper as your default after going to the image gallery and viewing 20 images across Mega Man X5 to Mega Man X8 (works out to about 5 per game).


This is unlocked exactly the same as in the previous collection. Complete all stages in X Challenge Vol. 2, then go to the music player and listen to ten tracks all the way through. Once that is complete, then you have to navigate to the bottom of the list and you'll see a new track appear that's titled "Give It A Shot (Extended)". Play this song and the trophy will unlock.


Again, exactly the same as in the previous collection. From the main menu, select the Staff Credits. You'll get a playable X to control as they scroll by. Use X's charged X-Buster shots to destroy as many names and lines of text as you can until you hear some chimes. Once you've destroyed enough, you'll get transported to the secret track (Re:Future). Once the last part of the credits is over, you'll get the trophy.


Anyone get the feelings these trophies are kind of recycled? Anyway, this one again requires that you have to play through the intro stage in both English and the Japanese versions. The difference this time is that it doesn't matter which game — therefore I recommend Mega Man X5 and Rockman X5, because they have the shortest intro stages. Once you've completed the intro stage in both versions the trophy will unlock.


Let's just get this out of the way: This trophy is just irritating, plain and simple. It depends completely on RNG (Random Number Generation for those who aren't familiar with the term), and unlike the vanilla PS1 release, there is no way to frame-advance to manipulate the RNG in the start screen demo. So with that out of the way, it all comes down to randomness. Of course, you can just fire the cannon at any time — parts help your chances, but they'll never climb above a certain percentage.

Therefore, I recommend doing the following, and this will essentially take up an entire save file if you get bad RNG, so don't worry about keeping it. From the stage select, go defeat one Maverick (preferably Crescent Grizzly). Save your game when prompted, and go fire the cannon. If it doesn't work, soft reset the game, return to the title screen, enter the stage of the boss you just defeated to waste an hour. Exit back out and save again, then fire the cannon again. If it doesn't work again, keep repeating this sequence of steps until it does work. In my tests, it generally seems to work around the time X/Zero have 10-11 hours left, but on occasion I have gotten even lower. Just keep firing/resetting/entering/exiting/saving/ firing until it finally works.

Once you've gotten the cutscene where the laser completely obliterates the space colony, you'll get the trophy.


You have to destroy seven consecutive bombs in Spiral Pegasus' stage, and you have to get them without any of them going off. Zero is the best character to use here because of his double jump, and don't hesitate to use the Dark Hold if it will help you out. The fourth one in particular is pretty tricky to get to in time, and there are no penalties for using Dark Hold for this one.


This is another trophy where you'll be abusing the game clock. The Mavericks level up as you use up more hours on the clock, and none of them will give you the Weapons/Life+ option until they're level 8. So for X, run the clock down to 9 hours, and for Zero run it down to 11 before you start tackling the Mavericks. This trophy only requires you to earn eight parts, not actually equip them, so don't worry about getting more X parts than Zero parts.

Image courtesy of ShadowRockZX.


Complete the Falcon Armor by collecting the four armor programs from the Light Capsules. The Head Parts are found in Volt Kraken's stage, the Body Parts are in Tidal Whale's stage, the Buster Parts are in Shining Firefly's stage, and the Foot Parts are in Crescent Grizzly's stage. Once you have all four, equip the armor and then defeat any enemy while wearing it to get this trophy.


Complete the Gaea Armor by collecting the four armor programs from the Light Capsules. The Head Parts are found in Dark Necrobat's stage, the Body Parts are in Spiral Pegasus's stage, the Buster Parts are in Burn Dinorex's stage, and the Foot Parts are in Spike Rosered's stage. Once you have all four, equip the armor and then defeat any enemy while wearing it to get this trophy.


You'll have to defeat Rangda Bangda-W (the second boss in the Zero Virus stages) while wearing the Gaea Armor. It's not overly complicated, but you just have to survive the stage to get there.


This trophy requires you to earn the Ultimate Armor from the Light Capsule at the end of the third Zero Virus stage -- you cannot get it by inputting the Ultimate Armor code at the character select screen. You have to come into this stage as unarmored X and make your way to the capsule's location for it to appear. You'll get the trophy after X downloads the armor. Remember that you can death abuse to exit the stage so you can (a) use the armor and (b) come back with Zero to get his Black Armor.


You get this one by defeating Final Sigma W. Doesn't matter who you use or how you do it (Nova Strike him into oblivion if you want). Just win the battle and you'll get the trophy.


This one should be the first trophy you go for in this game, because you have to enable Rookie Mode to get it. Turn it on at the start of the game, throw X into a pit during the intro stage (the pits by the giant drills toward the end work nicely), and then after the trophy unlocks, soft reset the game and start over so that you can still earn the completion trophy.


You have to fight the Zero Nightmare at some point in the game. Best way to do it early is to visit Shield Sheldon's stage, because you can pick up a large number of Reploids, a Weapon Sub Tank, a Heart Tank, a piece of the Blade Armor, and fight Zero to get this trophy all in one run. Remember to abuse Zero Nightmare's weakness to aerial saber slashes for a quicker fight. Once the cutscene starts and the real Zero appears, you'll get the trophy.


This trophy requires that you encounter all eight Nightmare Phenomena effects found in the initial Maverick stages in a single playthrough. You can't split them across different save files, so just go get each one in order to make it easier. Remember that visiting a stage causes Nightmares to appear in one or two others, so pay attention to the list below to make your Nightmare hunting a bit easier:

  • Dragonfly - Bugs pester you - visit Yammark - affects Heatnix/Sheldon

  • Dark - Spotlights dampen view - visit Mijinion - affects Yammark/Turtloid

  • Fire - Raining fireballs - visit Heatnix - affects Wolfang/Mijinion

  • Ice - Floors ice over - visit Wolfang - affects Metalshark Player

  • Cube - Colored blocks appear - visit Scaravich - affects Metalshark/Sheldon

  • Mirror - X/Zero holograms - visit Sheldon - affects Turtloid/Wolfang

  • Rain - Rain blows opposite you - visit Turtloid - affects Yammark/Scaravich

  • Iron - Metal blocks - visit Metalshark - affects Heatnix/Mijinion/Scaravich

Basically, visit the stage listed to trigger the effect in another stage. Visit that stage to see the Nightmare effect; when you've seen all eight the trophy will automatically unlock.


The name of this one makes no sense at all, unless it was an attempt to make light of how the initial part of Blizzard Wolfang's stage is a consistent pain in the butt. Anyway, collect all four parts of the Blade Armor from the four Light Capsules. The Head Parts are in Ground Scaravich's stage, the Body Parts are in Shield Sheldon's stage, the Buster Parts are in Infinity Mijinion's stage, and the Foot Parts are in Commander Yammark's stage. Obtain all four, equip the armor and then defeat any enemy while using it to get this trophy.


As a comics fan, I appreciate the nod to Batman Begins here with the name of this trophy. To get this one, collect all four parts of the Shadow Armor from the four Light Capsules. The Head Parts are in Metal Shark Player's stage, the Body Parts are in Rainy Turtloid's stage, the Buster Parts are in Blaze Heatnix's stage, and the Foot Parts are in Blizzard Wolfang's stage. Obtain all four, equip the armor and then defeat any enemy while using it to get this trophy.


Defeat any enemy while wearing the Ultimate Armor. You cannot earn this armor at any point by playing the game normally; you'll have to use the code at the game start screen. Put the cursor on Game Start and press Left, Left, Left, and Right. You'll hear a chime, and when you start the game, X will trade in the Falcon Armor for the Ultimate Armor. Simply Nova Strike any enemy and the trophy will unlock.


This is the only trophy that you'll need a separate file for if you use the Ultimate Armor in the first one. Input L1, L1, L1, and R2 on the game start screen, and when you rescue Zero, he'll don his black armor. This one gives him some stat boosts like in Mega Man X5, so it's actually a better armor to use. Anyway, defeat any enemy in this armor to get the trophy.


Raise your Hunter Rank to GA. This one is very easy; just collect 1,500 Nightmare Souls from defeated Nightmares. They give 8 (4 if you wait a bit too long) and bosses give up 200. Once you reach GA and you've reached a stage results screen, the trophy will unlock.

Image courtesy of ShadowRockZX.


This game is an interesting one because it's actually quite easy to unlock the Gate's laboratory stages without defeating the eight Mavericks. If you reach 3,000 Souls or defeat High Max, the end game will open, but so long as you defeat all eight Mavericks first, entering Gate's laboratory will unlock the trophy.


Defeat Sigma's final form, Hell Sigma (they finally used the Japanese name?), for this trophy. Zero can mop the floor with this boss in seconds, or you can Nova Strike him to death (although X takes a lot of damage while Nova Striking this time around). Once you defeat the boss, you'll get the trophy.


This one is long, grueling, and if you miss one of the one-shots, you might as well reset the game and start over. It's painful, in other words. You have to listen to every single support call in the game. It says "Alia's calls," but there are ones you have to listen to in the intro stage, and it's just Axl talking to himself there, so whatever. Below is a quick list of how many there are per stage — basically just hit R3 whenever you hear the chirp and the exclamation mark appears on screen.

  • Highway (Axl):   7

  • Highway (Zero):  0 (Heh heh... zero for Zero. Sorry)

  • Tunnel Base:     3

  • Deep Forest:    2

  • Radio Tower: 4

  • Central Circuit: 0 (Thank the maker...)

  • Battleship:      3

  • Cyber Field:     3

  • Air Forces:      2

  • Lava Factory:    5*

* Some notes on this: In the Lava Factory stage, there are a couple of missable ones. There's one right near the beginning, another one right before you see your first rescuable Reploid and another right after that. Don't go so fast that you miss these two. There's another one during the boss fight that goes away if you defeat Flame Hyenard, so make sure you grab it during the battle. Anyway, get all of them and pat yourself on the back for getting this trophy.


For this one, you have to copy DNA from at least five Reploids using Axl's Copy Shot, and then transform into the Reploid. This step is important, as it's the transformation part that actually counts. This also has to be done all in one single playthrough. Once you've done five, the trophy will unlock.


This one (and the two after this) are very simple. Just defeat enemies using all of the new spiffy guns Axl has acquired. Cycle through your inventory and use a new weapon on each successive enemy you encounter. Once you've used all of Axl's weapons, the trophy will unlock.


Just defeat enemies using all of the Z-Saber techniques Zero acquires through the game. Cycle through your inventory and use a new weapon on each successive enemy you encounter. Once you've used all of Zero's techniques, the trophy will unlock.


Just defeat enemies using all of the Maverick weapons that X acquires through the game. Cycle through your inventory and use a new weapon on each successive enemy you encounter. Note that unlike the other two, this one also requires that you use the charged X-Buster shot that you get from the Glide Armor. Once you've used all nine weapons, you'll get X's trophy.


Obtain all four parts to the Glide Armor from the Light Capsules. The Head Parts are found in Snipe Anteator's stage, the Body Parts are in Wind Crowrang's stage, the Buster Parts are in Flame Hyenard's stage, and the Foot Parts are in Soldier Stonekong's stage. Once X has all four, you'll get the trophy. Compared to some of what Mega Man X7 makes you do, this one is pretty simple.


For this one, you have to use the upgrade chips you get from defeating bosses to upgrade just one character to maximum. I would suggest you pick a character that you are definitively going to beat the game with and give that one all of the upgrades. Does this mean another playthrough to better balance the others out? Probably, but at least you don't have to view all of the endings. So just focus on upgrading X (he's so overpowered anyway) to get this trophy.

Image courtesy of ShadowRockZX.


Once you defeat Sigma's monstrous second form, you'll get this trophy. There's a laughably simple way to go about it by standing in one particular spot on a floating rock to the left -- Sigma's punches can't hit you here. Once you've beaten him, you'll get the trophy during the next cinematic.


For this one, you have to upgrade the Neutral Armor by equipping all four H parts to it. Gather the Hermes armor parts by finding the Light Capsules. The Head Parts H is found in Avalanche Yeti's stage, the Body Parts H is in Dark Mantis' stage, the Buster Parts H is in Optic Sunflower's stage, and the Foot Parts H is in Burn Rooster's stage. Once you collect all four parts, equip them on the character select screen to "purify" the armor, then enter a stage and execute the armor's Giga Attack on any regular enemy to get the trophy.


For this one, you have to upgrade the Neutral Armor by equipping all four I parts to it. Gather the Icarus armor parts by finding the Light Capsules. The Head Parts I is found in Gravity Antonion's stage, the Body Parts I is in Earthrock Trilobyte's stage, the Buster Parts I is in the Noah's Park stage, and the Foot Parts I is in Bamboo Pandamonium's stage. Once you collect all four parts, equip them on the character select screen to "purify" the armor, then enter a stage and execute the armor's Giga Attack on any regular enemy to get the trophy.


This trophy unlocks once you use the Ultimate Armor's Nova Strike to eliminate any enemy in a stage. Normally, you only get this armor by upgrading X fully to 100% and then continuing your clear game data in a New Game + file, at which point the armor is available on the select screen. You can bypass this, though, by inputting the following code on the "Press Start" screen:

Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, and Right.

That's 3 Lefts, 3 Rights, 4 Lefts, and 4 Rights, to clarify. X will say something like "Roger!", and when you start the game you will have the Ultimate Armor selectable from the armor select screen (after finishing the intro stage, of course). Execute a Nova Strike and you'll get the trophy.


This trophy requires you to execute a Double Attack (your special move with the R2 button) while using Black Zero and White Axl. Zero's black armor is usually only acquired by raising Zero to 100% by buying all of his upgrades, beating the game, saving/continuing, and then purchasing the ∑ Blade and beating the game again. Axl's white armor is obtained by upgrading him to 100% and then finishing Lumine with him leading a Double Attack and then saving/continuing into a new game.

You can circumvent these requirements by using the armor codes listed below on the "Press Start" screen. Once you have the armors, take both characters into a stage, fill your AT Gauge, and unleash a Double Attack for the trophy.

  • Black Zero: L1, L1, R1, R1, L1, L1, L1, L1

  • White Axl: L2, L2, L2, R2, R2, R2, L2, L2, L2, R2


This trophy says you have to play as Alia, Layer, and Palette. However, you actually only need to play as one of them (and therefore technically only need the 36,000 metal for one character as opposed to 108,000 for all three.) This normally requires finishing the game once, saving clear data to a new file, and then going to the Chip Development lab where the Alia Buster, Layer Rapier, and Palette Bullets will be made available based on your Navigator choices made during the last game (the one you use most will appear first), but you can circumvent this process by inputting the codes listed below on the "Press Start" screen. Purchasing them gives you the Navigators to play as, and they control exactly as their counterparts, though Alia gets no Neutral Armor (duh). Anyway, purchase one and on the Stage Select screen, press Triangle to switch to the alternate list of characters and as soon as the stage begins, you'll get the trophy.

  • Alia: Down, R1, Up, L1, Square, X, Triangle, Circle

  • Layer: Square, Square, Right, X, R1

  • Palette: R1, X, Left, Square, Square


For this one, use the ∑ Blade to defeat any enemy. Normally, this requires you to complete the game after upgrading Zero to as high as he can go in a normal playthrough. Once you load your clear data into a new save file, this weapon will be available in the Chip Development lab for you to purchase for 28,000 metal (with the Metal Discount, that is). However, everything in this game has a code, and you can unlock the ∑ Blade without actually beating the game for it. Input the following code on the "Press Start" screen, and once you use this powerhouse of a weapon on any enemy, you'll get the trophy.

  • ∑ BLADE: L3, L3, R3, L3, L3, R3, L3, L3, R3, L3, L3, R3

Image courtesy of ShadowRockZX.


Vile just doesn't die, does he? He's back to terrorize you at random in this game. There is a pretty specific set of steps to actually get this trophy, though, and the description itself is actually a wink at the player as to how to properly do it. The trophy description says you have to fight him four times "before completing the Gateway stage", and Vile will only appear a maximum of three times in the initial eight stages. Do what you can to spawn him these three times, then tackle the Jakob elevator stage for the actual boss fight with Vile. Once that stage is complete, return to Noah's Park and Vile will show up for the fourth and final time in one of the mid-boss areas. Once you take him down this last time, you'll get the trophy.


In the original game, Cut Man was actually an optional boss found in Optic Sunflower's stage (in glorious 8-bit and everything), but he only appeared if you had Mega Man X: Command Mission save data on the memory card. In this version, he will automatically spawn in Normal or Hard mode before you head off to fight Optic Sunflower. But you can input the following code at the "Press Start" screen if you're for some reason playing on Easy Mode. Fight Cut Man and you'll get the trophy.

  • Cut Man: Left, Circle, Up, Triangle, Down, X, Right, Square, L1, R1, L2, R2


You'll get this trophy once you defeat Lumine's second form. In Easy Mode you won't ever fight this boss (or Lumine's first form, for that matter), and in Normal Mode it's a pretty standard fight. In Hard Mode, though, you have just 30 seconds from the time Lumine says "Paradise Lost!" to defeat him. Use your most powerful attacks and then finish him off with a Double Attack for the total swag kill. Defeat this form and you'll get the trophy.



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