New Mega Man: Fully Charged Episodes Now on Cartoon Network Website and App

Good news, Fully Charged fans! Well, those of you who live in the States, that is: After a lengthy hiatus, Mega Man: Fully Charged is back on Cartoon Network!

As noted previously, the show continued on for a bit with new episodes on Family CHRGD in Canada, and now it’s time for CN to turn things back around. Not only have they begun airing the episodes we got here a while back on Saturdays as well as Sundays (6:30am EST), but Protodude tells me that they’ve added those and several all-new ones not seen in either country to their website and app, bringing the grand total to 32!

No word on when the newer of the new episodes will air in Canada, as the current schedule still features reruns. In any case, Protodude and I will pick up where we left off with The Fully Charged Podcast once we’re able, and if you’ve been holding out, you can follow along with our coverage of the first six of the new episodes as they air.