Pixel Dan Reviews Funko's Mega Man Action Figures

Hey, remember those Mega Man action figures from Funko reported here a while back?

Well, it looks like they’re starting to show up on store shelves, and while I’ve seen no sign of any of them here yet, that’s not the case in Pixel Dan’s neck of the woods, where he was able to scoop up the entire first wave, including the Leaf Shi — er, Atomic Fire chase figure. And naturally, that means it’s time for a new review!

In addition to some of the issues Dan raises with the figures, such as incorrect card backings, tight joints, and misapplied eye decos, there seem to be some other issues to look out for as well, as reported on Twitter:

So if you do decide that these pretty affordable figures are something you’d like to add to your collection, it’s probably a good idea to take as close a look at them inside their packaging before buying (and hang on to your receipt, just in case! That’s just good advice for life in general).