Dragon Marked for Death Now Available for Pre-Purchase, Plus Further Info

The release date for Inti Creates’ Dragon Marked for Death is nearly upon us, and while the game won’t be available until January 31st in the Nintendo eShop on the Switch, you can pre-purchase it right now.

As previously reported, the digital version of the game will come in two different flavors: The Frontline Fighters pack comes with the Empress and Warrior characters, while the Advanced Attackers pack includes the Shinobi and Witch. Each pack goes for $14.99 USD, but you’ll only purchase one from the eShop; if you decide you want the other set, you’ll buy it for the same price via the in-game Downloadable Content system, thus keeping everything nice and tidy on your home screen.

Of the unique method of release, Inti Creates had the following to say:

Rather than release the game with all four characters in one for a $29.99 price point, we wanted to make the game more financially accessible to people. No matter which set you get, you will still be able to experience everything the game has to offer as the characters you have available to you. The only difference is which characters you will be able to play as right off the bat.

Also as previously reported, the Striker Gear Pack will be available for those who pre-purchase the game digitally, or by redeeming a code from the physical version. Note that pre-purchasing only runs through January 30th! After that, you’re out of luck, unless you go for physical.

Speaking of that physical version, Nighthawk Interactive will have it available at retail in North America and Europe at a date to be determined for $49.99 USD. For your money, you’ll receive both sets of characters, the code for the Striker Gear DLC, and two additional DLC quests.

For those going digital, the DLC quests can be accessed by purchasing a season pass. “The Dragonblood Village” will be available at launch, January 31st, whereas “The Dragonblood Bandit” is currently scheduled for March 28th, though that’s subject to change.

“The Dragonblood Village will consist of a single quest,” says Inti Creates, “whereas the Dragonblood Bandit storyline will consist of a series of quests that tells a whole new story!”

Over on Inti Creates’ YouTube channel, they’ve also released a few videos looking at various aspects of the game in the lead-up to its release, such as this look at the Japanese voice cast:

There is also an interview with the composers of the orchestrated soundtrack:

And the official music video for the theme of the game:

To close their press release, Inti Creates had this to say about the game:

Dragon Marked for Death is the most content-packed game we have created in our 22+ year history, and we are beyond stoked for you folks to get your hands on it! This fires of this project has been kindling for 10+ years, and with everything from dozens of quests to tackle, four unique characters with completely different playstyles, the biggest, baddest sprites our pixelmancers have ever made, a fully-orchestrated soundtrack, and a lot more, this is a truly special release for us.

Finally, I just want to add that I’ve just received my review code for the game, and while I’ll make the best effort I can, I’m not sure I’ll be ready to provide a review upon the game’s January 31st release date. Nevertheless, I hope to be able to talk about the game at greater length soon!