Mega Man: Fully Charged Episode 18 Preview

Another preview today from Cartoon Network, this time for the episode “Enter the Wood Man”:

According to tipster Ability King KK, “This episode has Aki and Suna in the forest for a school assignment, and they encounter Wood Man in the process. Wood Man, having been hiding and living in the forest since the Hard Age, still thinks the war between humans and robots is going on.”

”As a character,” King notes, “Wood Man is a lot slimmer than his previous incarnations and even fights like a ninja, complete with leaf shurikens. He is also able to transform himself into a log. Because of his mentality, he acts like a war soldier.”

Sounds interesting, and this will hopefully shed some further light on the backstory behind this new Mega world when it airs on Cartoon Network come September 30th at around 6:45am-ish. Of course, it’s probably on the CN app by now, too.