Voice Actor Yuka Imai Retires

This one just hit my inbox, but a report from Anime News Network from the end of August reports that Yuka Imai has announced her retirement from the world of voice acting.

Among other roles, Imai is known for her debut role as Scarlet Ohara/Angel Saliva in 1995’s Wedding Peach, as well as Saber Marionette J protagonist Otaru Mamiya the following year, but had to drop out of her recent role of Kaoru Kiryuu in Futari wa Precure Splash Star due to her pregnancy. But of most relevance to followers of this website, she provided the voices for both Fairy Leviathan and Copy X in the Mega Man Zero series, as well as Model L in the follow-up, Mega Man ZX.

Her announcement comes after a hiatus announced back in May 2017, which she planned to return from after “laying a good foundation” for her three-year old son, who had been diagnosed with a pervasive developmental disorder.

Regarding how she arrived at the decision to call it a career, Imai noted “various conflicts” and “complicated feelings,” and that she believes it is a “decision toward a better future.” Asking for understanding, she thanked her fellow voice actors, staff, and fans for their support.

"It was a very happy 23 years,” she said in conclusion. “Thank you so very much."

Source: Anime News Network, via Unknown