Mega Man 30th Anniverary Bundle on the Way to Xbox One

Here’s a quick but interesting little thing from TrueAchievements, who you might recall broke the news of there being a downloadable demo of Mega Man 11 coming well before there was any official announcement.

They now report that a “Mega Man 30th Anniversary Bundle” is coming to Xbox One, with the following description:

This "mega-bundle" celebrates the 30th anniversary of Mega Man! This treasure trove includes 19 unforgettable adventures: 8 Mega Man X games and 11 games from the main series, including the newest entry – Mega Man 11!
Titles included:
- Mega Man Legacy Collection
- Mega Man Legacy Collection 2
- Mega Man X Legacy Collection
- Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2
- Mega Man 11

Unfortunately, there is no other information available, except that it will arrive on October 2nd — the same day Mega Man 11 will be released.

Will there be a physical edition? Will there be any financial benefit to purchasing this versus each individual release piecemeal, or is it just a convenient way to get everything released the last few years in one purchase? And will it be available on any other platforms for those interested in such a purchase?

Only time will tell.