Capcom Shows Off a Bit of Mega Man 11's Pre-Order Exclusive Soundtrack

All the way back in May, Capcom revealed that those who pre-ordered Mega Man 11 would receive "an exclusive alternative game soundtrack DLC." What that precisely entailed was anyone’s guess, however, as many of the stages’ normal soundtracks remained unknown, and the type of tracks could be anything from chiptunes to a full symphony orchestra.

Nonetheless, the blurb has appeared in many a video and other places the upcoming game was to be promoted, but now we finally have some idea of what to expect, as Capcom has uploaded a preview to the official Mega Man YouTube channel:

There isn’t a whole lot there, admittedly — you only get about a minute to listen to bits of Block Man, Fuse Man, and Torch Man’s respective soundtracks. But at least we now know what kind of flavor this pre-order bonus will provide to those who lay down their hard-earned zenny for the Blue Bomber’s latest at a participating retailer.

But what say you? Has this caused you to open your wallet any sooner than you would have? Validated your decision to pre-order back in December? Or are you just content to roll the dice, wait, and grab a copy on release day? Talk all about it in the comments below!