GigaBoots Tests Mega Man 11 Demo for Lag

When I posted my impressions of the Mega Man 11 demo yesterday, I noted something felt a little bit off about the controls, at least compared to what I’d experienced in previous titles in the Classic series.

I didn’t think it was lag — it still felt too precise to me to be that, but it still felt a little different when compared to the style of games from the Nintendo Entertainment System era (and Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10). But what if it is lag?

Well, GigaBoots is here to investigate all versions of the demo to give us their analysis:

They note that they don’t have data from the Mega Man Legacy Collection to compare it to, so for now, they’re instead pitting the input time of the different versions of Mega Man 11’s demo against the data they took from their rather thorough look at the Mega Man X Legacy Collection.

The results get a little technical, but in short, it seems that the worst lag of the three demos came from the PlayStation 4, which was also the case with the original Mega Man X on the Mega Man X Legacy Collection. Nintendo Switch and Xbox One (which I played) held up better overall. Meanwhile, the PC version may have the potential to be the most responsive of all. But despite this, there doesn’t seem to be very much lag at all.

As noted, though, I’m not sure lag is what I felt when I was playing. There are other factors involved, such as the “weight” of the character and animations which can affect things as well. One thing I forgot to note in my impressions, for example, was that Mega Man seems a lot slower overall when it comes to getting on and off a ladder, leaving me more prone to taking damage from oncoming enemies when I tried to use one to get out of the way.

It’s a new engine, and I think in some ways, Mega Man is just going to feel a little different as a result.