Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 Review Compilation

A few days ago, I threw out an impromptu poll on Twitter about whether people would be interested in a compilation of Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 reviews from across the web. The response was a "yes" landslide.

However, putting the call out across Twitter and Facebook for anyone to submit some they'd like to see included yielded substantially fewer submissions than I expected.

No matter; I've got a good few on hand here to share with you before I head out to Otakon for the weekend (so no updates until next week, unless Mega Man X9 or something is announced and I have to peck away at my phone), so I hope you enjoy!

First up, we've got a review for the Nintendo Switch from Protodude's Rockman Corner.

Next up, Ash of GameXplain has also reviewed the Switch version, as you can see here:

ShadowRockZX has taken a more individualized approach to his Nintendo Switch version reviews, taking on the first volume, second volume, and X Challenge separately:

(Note: I haven't had a chance to watch through all of the video reviews here, so apologies in advance if some contain some surprise Not Safe For Work language.)

Over at Ars Technica, they've got an article which offers "A quick word on which versions of Mega Man X Legacy Collection to get—or avoid."

Over at IGN, former ScrewAttack Hard News host Destin Legarie gives us two separate reviews for each volume:

And if you'd rather read his reviews than watch them, then there's some good news!

Here's another look at both volumes on the PlayStation 4 from J's Reviews:

And here we have one for the Steam/PC version from the Retropolis Zone, home of the extensive and extremely in-depth "Quickies Don't Cut It" review series:

Finally, Mike Williams and Nadia Oxford of USgamer perform their own Double Attack on this tag team of titles. (Full disclosure: The latter of the two writers is my wife.)

In addition to all of this, MegaZX30 sends me a tip that notes that for those interested, it appears that the Japanese Rockman X Anniversary Collection -- not just the Japanese modes you can toggle on and off in Mega Man X Legacy Collection, but the actual Japanese release -- features the Japanese music in the games it was cut from for this release (though the English versions will give you the music found here, just the same).

It seems that for those willing to go the distance to acquire that release, it may very well be the definitive version (even though it still lacks the guitar in Mega Man X6's opening stage).

With that, I hope you all enjoy this round-up of reviews, and I'll see you next week!