Mega Man: Fully Charged Episode 10 Preview

In what may be the last episode clip we see for a while -- at least, it's the last one of the revealed episodes thus far -- Mega Man takes on Air Man, who looks a little more different from the norm than we've come to expect from our carried-over Robot Masters. Have a look:

Description: "Student elections get blown out of proportion (literally) when Air Man lends his support to Aki's rival for class president. Mega Man must defeat the villain, but can he do it before Air Man reaches the school?"

In addition, MegaQuint has posted another preview from the official Mega Man: Fully Charged YouTube channel that is otherwise inaccessible to anyone (like me) who exists outside of the United States. So here's some more of Episode 4, "Videodrone":

Looks like he finally got those Drill Man schematics working.

All ten episodes are currently available now on the Cartoon Network app and, depending on the availability per your local cable company, through their on-demand service as well. Beyond that, you can expect to catch these episodes on Cartoon Network itself on September 2nd and August 12th, respectively, at 6:45am EST.

Thanks to Ability King KK for the tip!