Be Dr. Wily in No Heroes Allowed! DASH! Crossover

For a limited time over the next two weeks (until September 13th), Rockman is joining in with a mobile game called No Heroes Allowed! DASH!, which seems to see you match puzzle pieces -- in this particular instance, Robot Masters (including some from Mega Man 11) -- to attempt to thwart a hero from invading your dungeon.

Twitter translate says:

This week, the mysterious robot Mega Man who is on the side of mankind is attacked in the dungeon of the Demon Devil! Destroy God, please 👤 #勇こな #勇こなDASH #ロックマンのくせにこまないきだ protect the Devil this time by all means

Okay, so you don't literally get to be Dr. Wily here, but at least you can pretend, right?

Rockman Corner also has this blurb about the game in general from an old Gematsu report:

"No Heroes Allowed! DASH! is a hero repelling-style puzzle RPG where players use simple controls to align blocks in order to summon monsters. Players must turn the tables on the tireless heroes who continue to appear. Defeated heroes can be put to work in the mines to find rare materials and monsters."

If you're already in the practice of accessing Japanese mobile game app stores, you should be able to find this on both Google Play and iTunes.

Source: Destructoid