Mega Man: Fully Charged Episode 4 and 5 Previews

After taking a day or two to catch their breath, Cartoon Network has posted some more clips from episodes of Mega Man: Fully Charged to their YouTube account.

First up, going by the guide for the first ten episodes, we have "Videodrone" and the introduction of our first all-new Robot Master, Hypno Woman:

Description: "Mega Man must stop Hypno Woman from turning the students and teachers at Silicon Central into her mindless drones."

Next up is "Please Rush Home," which brings Wave Man into the mix:

Description: "Wave Man is obsessed with cleaning and ends up flooding the city! Mega Man must stop him before everything ends up under water."

And as per the usual with the familiar fellows, we get a look at them in a game-inspired flashback. Incidentally, is it just me, or does his voice sound really familiar?

More as they come.