Mega Man PEZ Dispensers are Now a Thing

A funny thing about Capcom's licensing of Mega Man to Funko: We're seeing new types of Mega Man merchandise we might never have seen otherwise, and I don't just mean the Pop! figures. Case in point: The recently-released Mega Man cereal.

With that said, here's the Blue Bomber adorning another classic of the grocery and toy aisle alike, the PEZ candy dispenser:

As with the cereal, these are of course being presented in the Funko Pop! style, but there are three types to choose from. The regular Blue Bomber and Magnet Missile varieties seem to have more widespread availability at retailers such as comic shops and, but the unnamed glow-in-the-dark green version (Hyper Bomb, Leaf Shield, whatever you like) is exclusive to GameStop (and doesn't have an online listing yet, that I can find).

If you're interested in other gaming mascots, there are also similar Sonic the Hedgehog and Crash Bandicoot dispensers coming as well, and ToyWiz is pricing them all at $5.99 each with a release date of sometime in September.

Source: PreviewsWorld, via David Minter