Console Gamer Archive Reviews the New Mega Man FunkO's Cereal

In lieu of any other reviews to go by at the time, I shared Dinosaur Dracula's review of two versions of Funko's new FunkO's Cereal in Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, to give some idea of what prospective purchasers could expect from the product.

But now, thanks to Console Gamer Archive, we've got our first look at how the actual GameStop-exclusive Mega Man version of the cereal compares and how it does -- or doesn't -- differ from its horror-themed brethren. Behold!

By the sound of it, this actually doesn't share the same flavor as the other cereals in the line, as CSG emphasizes the blueberry-flavored aspect of the Mega Man variety.

I haven't had the good fortune to see any of these in-person myself, but maybe I should think about grabbing a box for myself.

How about you? Have you been persuaded to make FunkO's a part of your Blue Bomber breakfast?