The Completionist: New Game Plus Revisits Mega Man X2

Jirard Khalil, better known as "The Completionist," is back at it again with another re-review of a game for his New Game Plus series. He's already taken a fresh look at the original Mega Man X and the first three games of the Classic series, and now he's back in 21XX to hunt some X-Hunters hunting X hunting them in Mega Man X2.

Check it out, yo:

Since Jirard didn't touch on it so much here, I'll put the question to you fine folks: What's your preferred way to beat Mega Man X2?

Do you like to defeat all three X-Hunters, allowing Zero to come to your aid before the final battle? Or do you prefer to let them keep Zero so you can test your Metal Hero metal against one of the greatest Maverick Hunters to ever live?

Or do you fall somewhere in-between like some sort of madman, getting only one or two of Zero's parts, just to allow the X-Hunters to swoop in and disappoint X time after time after time? Share your thoughts in the comments below!