Game Dave Looks at Mega Man-esque Cocoron for Famicom

Late last year, Roger the Retrogaming Puppet of On The Stick gave us a look at a well-known and extremely rare Mega Man-esque title known as Little Samson, created by a group of former Capcom employees at Takeru led by Mega Man creator Akira Kitamura.

Prior to that, however, they worked on another title with a little bit of that Mega Man-esque flavor known as Cocoron. But unlike Little Samson, this title never left Japan.

Here's Game Dave to give us the full rundown on this unique title:

Cocoron sports an interesting concept that would be neat to see applied to Mega Man in some form or fashion someday: Instead of gathering weapons as you defeat bosses, you're able to increase the number of custom characters you create in your party to help overcome new obstacles.

It may feature little in the way of robots or mad scientists, but if you're interested in seeing what else the men behind the Mega were able to do with the concept from a gameplay perspective, this may be one for you to try to track down.