Updated Release Info for Mega Man Mastermix #3

Fans of UDON Entertainment's full-sized and colorized releases of Hitoshi Ariga's manga as Mega Man Mastermix may have been wondering about the status of the third issue, following a no-show in comic shops upon its originally solicited July 25th release date.

Whatever the reason for the delay, UDON has posted an update on their Twitter regarding when to expect the new issue to drop:

UPDATE: Mega Man Mastermix #3 will now arrive in stores August 22, featuring cover and art by Hitoshi Ariga(@ariga_megamix), and variant covers by Genzoman(@MrGenzoman) and Josh Perez(@dyemooch)

The suggested retail price is $7.99 USD, and the description for the issue's story reads "Rock, Doctor Light and a reformed Doctor Wily travel into space to investigate an asteroid of alien origin! Along the journey, they find themselves attacked by not only eight new Robot Masters, but the mysterious Break Man as well! It's an adventure of all-out automaton action in outer space!"

In short, it's basically an Ariga-styled adaptation of the story of Mega Man 3.

And as revealed previously, the fourth issue is slated for an October release, while Mega Man X: Mega Mission will hit stores in January.