More Mega Man: Fully Charged Episode 1 Previews

Want even more Mega Man: Fully Charged in your day? Then enjoy a heaping helping of two more clips of the first episode, "Throwing Shade" parts 1 and 2, courtesy of the Cartoon Network YouTube channel -- which can be viewed outside of the United States (go figure):

Description: "Sgt. Night publicly criticizes Dr. Light's views on human & robot unity during a school assembly, invoking the ire of Fire Man and forcing Silicon City’s newly minted hero, Mega Man, to intervene."

Description: "Mega Man stops Fire Man by replicating his powers and fighting fire with fire. Unfortunately, Mega Man also learns that he can replicate a robot’s mental state as well, and must get his own anger under control to win. Defeated, Fire Man reports back to his secret master, Sgt. Night!"

Hm, while the first clip shares footage with what we saw before, the second is new stuff. Between roughly three minutes here and about three minutes there, we've already seen half the second 11-minute episode!

Also, it seems I misread the accent Sgt. Night sports before -- seems a little more southern, yeah?

Mega Man: Fully Charged debuts on Cartoon Network on Sunday, August 5th at 6:30am EST with the two-part "Throwing Shade," which will also be available alongside eight other episodes (presumably including this one) on the Cartoon Network app.

Thanks to Protodude's Rockman Corner for the tip!