In Search of X's Mysterious White City

It's been a while since we last heard anything from Ácido Cinza, who has just released a new video which looks at one of the longest-running mysteries in the history of Mega Man: The white city from the early screenshots of Mega Man X.

While the status of the original files from which the screens were captured remains unknown, Cinza thinks he might have an idea of what those assets were ultimately used for. See for yourself:

What do you think? I'm admittedly a bit skeptical. While there is certainly a resemblance in some parts, which may have even been reused, it's the absence of the enormous curved roadway in the background that is the hallmark of the fabled setting in my mind.

Even if what is proposed is true, the mystery of the original stage remains.

Thanks to Cinza, Rodrigo Testa, and CT for passing this along!