Mega Man: Fully Charged Episode 2 Preview

Just under a week ago, we got our first preview of the first episode of Mega Man: Fully Charged. Now, as Sigma would say, "are you ready for Round 2?"

Here's the trailer for the second episode, part 2 of "Throwing Shade":

As before, the official Mega Man: Fully Charged YouTube account won't let me look at it, so here's the link if anyone in the States wants to check the description for any further "Namagem"-level gems or nuggets of information.

Sounds like Sgt. Breaker(?) Night might have a bit of an Australian accent, if I'm hearing that correctly. And is that Garry "Guts Man" Chalk as Dr. Light? Interesting. We also get some more pixel art and chiptune-styled music (Fire Man's theme, of course) in this one.

@TurboBurpo's tweet is what pointed me in the direction of MegaQuint's upload here, and as it happens, they worked on it as well. "[T]he 'Fireman cant open a manhole' shot was one of my first Fireman shots. It was also a shot I loved because I was basically told 'he cant get in because of he has no hands. You figure the rest out.'

I'm sure if Crash Man ever shows up, these two (among others) will have plenty to talk about.

If the creators of this show can keep a tradition like this alive, then it could very well be in good hands.