Mega Man: Fully Charged Episode 1 Preview

Well friends, these are interesting times for The Mega Man Network.

A brand-new Mega Man cartoon called Mega Man: Fully Charged is set to debut on the Cartoon Network, and we got our first preview of it yesterday, with more promised to come in a dedicated YouTube channel, starting right now. What's more, it's even made in Canada, where the guy who runs a certain Blue Bomber-related website happens to live!

And the YouTube channel "has not made this video available in your country."

Yessiree, interesting times indeed.

Fortunately, thanks to folks like Protodude, I'm actually able to view said trailer and share it with you, along with my own observations. Behold the Viewing Globe!

Despite the title "Throwing Shade Pt 1," the Robot Master of the hour (or eleven minutes x2, but who's counting?) is Fire Man. And in a neat throwback to the games that may or may not pervade throughout the season/series, there are some "retro" styled pixel art portrayals of this version of the Blue Bomber and Fire Man sprinkled throughout, including the latter explaining the reasoning behind his rampage (I got a chuckle out of the "Rudy in HR" bit, personally, and using Fire Man's theme from the original game was a nice touch).

We also get our first look at Dr. "Buff is the Stuff" Light, Sgt. Night, and a girl who may or may not be the previously named-but-not-shown Suna Light.

What's more, we also got to see more of the redesigned Mega Mini, who makes some long overdue jokes about the Robot Master's entirely apt yet totally ironic name. His voice is also really familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it (and it's driving me crazy; chime in if you recognize it in the comments). I'm guessing he's going to be like the Jarvis/Friday of the Mega Man armor to Aki Light's Tony Stark, to draw a comparison.

Another thing this clip shows us is how Mega Man acquires powers with his Weapon Copy system. Like the Ruby-Spears cartoon, a Robot Master doesn't need to be destroyed for its abilities to be copied; unlike that series, Mega Man can perform the action in relative safety from a distance (sorry, Pharaoh Man fans), but it takes a lot longer to complete as well.

Finally, Protodude reveals something not in the trailer: The show's 6:30am ET/PT Sunday airing time on Cartoon Network starting August 5th.

And that's the long and short of it for now, but what do you think of this latest preview? Sound off in the comments below.

Thanks again to Murkman for the tip!