Mega Man 11 Figure 3-Pack Coming Exclusively to GameStop

While there's still nothing on the promised merchandise coming next year to tie in to the new Mega Man: Fully Charged cartoon, the original Blue Bomber was in attendance at Jakks Pacific's booth at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Most of what was shown is stuff we saw earlier this year, albeit with a more detailed look at the electronic 12-inch Deluxe Mega Man figure, but there was a new reveal: A Mega Man 11 figure 3-pack that's coming exclusively to GameStop at some point in the future:

This set, as you can see, is centered around Block Man, including a "before" regular Mega Man figure and an "after" figure of the Blue Bomber with the Block Dropper's powers equipped.

Unfortunately, there really isn't anything more in the way of details at the moment, but you can see lots more pics of Jakks Pacific's Mega Man offerings among all the Nintendo goods here.

Source: Nintendo Wire, via Protodude's Rockman Corner