Capcom TV Has a Blast with Mega Man 11

A couple of weeks after Blast Man was revealed to one and all over on Capcom Unity, the Japanese Capcom TV livestream has given us our first in-motion look at the stage with Ucchy-san at the helm. Check it out:

(If the embed doesn't take you to the right place, go to 1:58:58.)

This stage doesn't waste any time, putting Mega Man in a potentially precarious situation right from the outset with the exploding blocks. Fortunately, it seems easy enough to evade for the savvy player, and gives you an idea of what to expect going forward should a flame connect with a conspicuous red block.

This is followed by a laser tripwire that demonstrates another way the explosive blocks can be set off without putting the player in too much danger -- yet. But in the next section, we see that setting them off will also be necessary to progression.

After that, we get to see the newest model of Sniper Armor in action, and it can actually walk this time! But will the prophecy finally be fulfilled, and Mega Man actually gets to ride one himself? That remains to be seen.

As does the rest of the stage, but I just have to say: Is it just me, or do the little robots running around remind anyone else of Chibi-Robo?

Source: Siliconera