Peter Sjöstrand Releases Trailer for Mega Man V:R

Peter Sjöstrand, creator of the popular fan game "Mega Man 2.5D" has released a new trailer for a concept he calls "Mega Man V:R". However, it might not be what you think it is from the title.

Check it out:

In the video's description, Sjöstrand says:

This video shows what Mega Man V for the Game Boy could be like if done in a style similar to that of our fangame Mega Man 2.5D. Made this to raise awareness of Mega Man V which is a really good Mega Man game but tends to get overlooked due to being a Game Boy title.

While it's only a concept designed to help raise awareness of one of the franchise's hidden gems, might it find its way to becoming a full (and full color) version of the game? Only time will tell.