Console Owners, Set Your Calendars to 20XX

At the end of May, it was announced that the roguelike Mega Man-esque Steam game 20XX would be arriving on consoles on July 10th. And, well, that was mostly right.

The day has come, and the launch trailer has been uploaded, declaring to one and all that you can play on the modern console of your choice right now:

Unless Xbox One is your system of choice, that is. We'll have to wait until tomorrow. Either way, the time is nigh to get in on some co-op action, whether online or local.

By the way, did you catch the neat homage to Capcom's old style of print ads at the end?

That isn't all, however. Following the posting of the launch trailer, there's also an announcement for a new character who can be added as downloadable content, though he's apparently only available on Steam at the moment:

"Draco," eh? That would be a neat nod, but I doubt it's anything like that. Anywho, here's the character's description:

This DLC introduces Draco, a powerful playable Contractor whose endless arsenal of unique Weapons decimates his foes.
Draco wields multiple Primary Weapons at once, and stores charges at all times instead of manually charging his weapons.
In addition to being able to find and use Ace and Nina's weapons, Draco has six unique Primary Weapons that only he can use. Each has a unique Charged Attack property - by mastering weapons like the shadow-dashing Vega Claws and the platform-creating Rapture Bubble, Draco is able to pull off plays as-yet unseen in 20XX.
(NOTE: The Draco DLC enables Draco for your play. When playing online, you'll be able to use Draco, even if your partner doesn't have the DLC. The rest of the changes made in 1.30 are free for all players, and are part of the base game.)

Sounds pretty cool to me. Hopefully he'll be available on consoles sooner than later.