Past Mortem Examines How Mega Man 11 Arose from Mighty No. 9

Previously, Stop Skeletons From Fighting has taken a look back at the trials and tribulations of Mighty No. 9, as well as the long journey of Keiji Inafune. This time out, they catch us up on what happened following the launch of Mighty No. 9, including some of the loose ends left over from that debacle, and how that game's fall might have led to the rise of Mega Man 11 in the newest edition of "Past Mortem."

(Warning: A little Not Safe For Work language.)

It does beg the question of whether or not we would have seen Mega Man 11, or at least this soon, had Mighty No. 9 been the success many were hoping for -- or if it would take the form that we've been privy to recently.