UpUpDownDown Does Mega Man 11 at E3

While his Street Fighter V showdown against Kenny Omega might be the highlight of this year's E3 for UpUpDownDown host and WWE Superstar Xavier Woods (aka Austin Creed), that's not the only thing he did at Capcom's booth during the show. As a known Mega Man fan, he also had to get his hands on the upcoming entry in the Classic series, Mega Man 11.

Joined by Capcom Unity's Tim Turi, Woods decides to test his mettle in the Normal mode of the game's demo -- but only because Superhero mode wasn't available to play.

So is it a New Day for Mega Man, or will Woods' battle with Block Man behold bravado that's most certainly booty? Watch and find out!

During the video, we get what I believe is an as-yet unseen look at the game's pause menu. It's not much to see, as there are no special weapons available yet, but we can nonetheless glimpse some of the elements in place.

In addition to Mega Man's on-hand armaments, we can see that there is a Bolt tally, the usual E, W, and M Tanks (whose functions are described at the bottom), and a few other items. Listed as "Manual" and "Auto," we can see that Eddie is there under the former with a counter, along with an "Up" icon. Under Auto, the number of times Beat can save you from a pit is there, and a mysterious question mark leaves us to wonder what other secrets may yet be in store.

Going by Creed's performance and the video's description noting that few were able to beat the level at E3, it would seem the fears of those worried the game won't be much of a challenge may be unfounded. Fortunately, we don't have much longer left to see for ourselves.