More Mega Merch from Diamond Distributors

So now that Mega Man 11 is officially a thing, we can talk about Mega Man merchandise without the conversation immediately turning to how Capcom should be making games instead of merchandise (even though they don't actually make most of it, anyway), right? Let's find out!

Previews, the catalog for comic distributor Diamond, has listed some fun new (and not so new) stuff for those of us who want to take our affinity for the Blue Bomber beyond the television (or handheld) screen. For starters, we've got:

This Mega Man X t-shirt for $15.99 USD. Mega Man diagnostics are so 20XX; it's about time the idea was taken into the future -- about 100 years, to be precise! It's expected to be in shops on September 26th, 2018, though that may just be those who deal with Diamond.

On the other hand, for those who prefer to pay tribute to their pixeled past, there's this nifty "Pixel Villains" Oxford (no relation) t-shirt featuring kind of an odd assortment of Robot Masters. Odd in that the way it's set up, only three of Dr. Cossack's bots from Mega Man 4 are included with the lineup of Light and Wily bots from the first three games.

The price and expected date of availability are the same as the one above, $15.99 USD on September 26th, 2018.

If you're less about wearing your fandom on your sleeves than you are about displaying it on your shelf, then there's Bandai's 66 Action Dash line. I'm not sure if this second volume has seen a domestic release already, or if this is just a refresh, but either way, it will be available on November 28th, 2018.

Mega Man X, Vile, Star Force MegaMan, Cut Man, and Super Mega Man are each blind-bagged, and the pricing is a little confusing -- the listing makes it sound like you get the whole pack of 10 blind-bagged figures for a suggested retail price of $9.00 USD, but that can't be right, can it? I'm guessing it's nine bucks per blind shot, but if you know better than I do about it, feel free to post a correction in the comments below.

Finally, it's time to get these hands -- and spikes, and missile launchers, too. These Super Minipla series Ride Armor figures work with the figures from Volume 2 of Bandai's 66 Action Dash series (seen above), and come in Chimera Armor and Vile's Ride Armor varieties. Plus, by swapping out the included parts, you can also create the Hawk and Kangaroo Armors (no love for the Frog, though).

These two bad boys are going to be available for a SRP of $40 USD (I think as a set?), and will also be available on November 28th, 2018.

Thanks to David Minter for bringing all this cool stuff to my attention!