Pre-Order Mega Man 11 Through PlayStation Network and Get a Bonus 30th Anniversary Theme

Over on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, they've revealed that if you pre-order Mega Man 11 through the PlayStation Network, you'll receive a special bonus 30th Anniversary theme for your console's home screen. Check it out:

In addition to an 8-bit rendition of Mega Man running through what appears to be Dr. Wily Stage 1 from Mega Man 2, the scene zooms out to reveal the footage is playing on a monitor as you find yourself in a 3D rendition of Dr. Light's lab, created by Truant Pixel.

Throughout the lab, you'll see the familiar monitors, a Met on a stand of some kind (who peeks out to see who's visiting), and some birthday decorations, including a 30th anniversary cake and a stack of E Tanks, plus a boom box playing the aforementioned stage's theme. There are also a number of Easter Eggs around, so see what else you can find!