Capcom Shares Results of Mega Man Series Survey with Famitsu Readers


Not too long ago, Japanese gaming publication Famitsu ran a brief survey for readers domestic and abroad regarding the Mega Man/Rockman series, and I do mean brief: By the time I found out about it, it was over before I even got to fill it out myself, much less write about it here!

In any case, the results have been tallied and published in the latest issue, which has kindly been translated by the fine folks at Siliconera. Here's what was learned from the 1,473 people surveyed, beginning with the Japanese fans:

  • Most began the series with Mega Man 2
  • Bass is the most popular character (believed to have been bolstered by his roles in Mega Man & Bass and his NetNavi counterpart in the Battle Network series), followed by Proto Man and then the Blue Bomber himself
  • The most popular stages are (in order) Gravity Man, Snake Man, and Quick Man
  • Quick Man was found to be the most difficult, with Guts Man and the first Dr. Wily stage from the original Mega Man coming in second and third
  • Hardest bosses are Yellow Devil, Quick Man, and the Wily Capsule from Mega Man 7
  • Metal Blade, Pharaoh Shot, and Slash Claw are the favorites in weaponry

There were also some "fun" questions that aren't delved into as deeply, such as what advice they'd give Dr. Wily to improve his efforts. Responses there are what you'd expect, including giving Robot Masters more spikes, making them out of the same stuff used for Mettaur helmets, or just sending them all after Mega Man at once (ProTip: Might not go as well as you'd hope).

As for the overseas crowd, 2,603 Mega Fans (the majority of which were from North America) decided to weigh in during that one day they could, and these are the results of their participation. Oh, and Siliconera says they note that while this was meant to be about the Classic series, plenty of people chimed in with their thoughts on Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man X as well.

  • Mega Man 2 was the most popular, followed by Mega Man 3 and a surprising appearance by Mega Man 8, which bested its "average" placement among Japanese fans
  • As it was overseas, Bass and Proto Man were the most popular characters, but Mega Man wasn't in third this time -- rather, it was Roll, and then Metal Man, before our hero made the list (poor Rock)
  • X themes seemed to dominate the favorite background music vote, the first game in particular, but as to what they were actually looking for, Dr. Wily Stage 1 from Mega Man 2, Spark Man, and Galaxy Man took the top spots, with most of the rest coming from either Mega Man 2 or Mega Man 3

Beyond that, there are some scans which show answers to "What do you expect from Mega Man 11?", as well as Happy Anniversary comments. You can find those over at Siliconera's post, towards the bottom.

Source: Siliconera, via GoNintendo and My Nintendo News