Check Out This Sampling of Tracks from the Rockman X Anniversary Collection Soundtrack

We previously spoke about the upcoming release of the Rockman X Anniversary Collection soundtrack, which will be filled with remixes of iconic tunes and new compositions alike to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series.

To further whet fans' appetites for this release into a frenzy, Capcom Japan has posted the following sampler video to their YouTube Channel, featuring a quick listen to a variety of tracks that will be available on the upcoming CD release. Note that it might be a little tough to see at first, but there's a "Now Playing" icon/underline which highlights which track is playing at any given time.

To reiterate, the Rockman X Anniversary Collection soundtrack will be available on July 18th (though the initial report said 17th) for ¥2,700. Of course, being a Japanese release, you'll have to find a way to import it, barring some future announcement of a western release from Capcom USA.