Iam8bit Reveals Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X 30th Anniversary Cartridges

When Capcom and Iam8bit announced last year that they were going to release a special 30th anniversary edition cartridge of Street Fighter II: The World Warriors for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, I considered reporting about it here and asking if there would be any sort of similar interest in a Mega Man version of the concept. For one reason or another, that never came to pass.

As it turns out, it doesn't matter, because Iam8it and Capcom have announced today that they're not only doing that very thing, but doing it twice over:

Both Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X will be available as playable cartridges for their respective consoles, and are limited to 8,500 copies at a price of $100 USD each, with a limit of two per household. They're scheduled to ship out in late September 2018, and unlike their Street Fighter II equivalent, there is no warning that these could set your house on fire.

As for more individual details:

The breakdown of the Mega Man 2 release is that 7,500 of the batch will come in an opaque light blue, while the remaining 1,000 is a translucent, glow-in-the-dark blue. And they come randomly, so there's no guarantee of which one you'll wind up with.

In addition to the playable cartridge, you'll also receive a dual-fold box with foil, gloss, and embossments (designed and restored by Jango Snow Art & Design), as well as a "premium" instruction manual with a foreword by author Salvatore Pane. Plus, it's also slated to come with "retro pack-in surprises" of an undisclosed nature that won't be revealed until you crack that sucker open (the package, not the cartridge).

Fast-fowarding a century of so into the future, Mega Man X features the same divide, only now the 7,500 are in an opaque white, which looks to play nicely with the blue label to homage X's fully armored-up look. The remaining 1,000 will, as with Mega Man 2, be a glow-in-the-dark blue, and will be distributed at random.

This one comes with all the same features as Mega Man 2 as well, albeit skewed towards Mega Man X and Super NES design (naturally), only now it's a tri-fold box. In addition, the foreword on this instruction manual will instead be provided by none other than Jirard "The Completionist" Khalil.

So if you're eager to celebrate 30 years of Blue Bomber goodness in style, then head on over to Iam8bit's store to put in your pre-order today!