RIGG'd Games Looks at MSi's Plug 'n Play Mega Man 2

On the YouTube channel for John Riggs: RIGG'd Games is a review for something a little bit different: A plug 'n play version of Mega Man 2, which can apparently be found at Walmart for a price that's in the ballpark of $20. Is it worth the price? Let's see:

Okay, let's face it: One look at that thumbnail, and we pretty much knew the answer going in. I don't think any serious Mega Man player would entertain the idea of playing with such a bizarre (if not ridiculous) button layout, unless it was a dare, bet, or some other sort of challenge.

That said, it does look nice. As a display piece, I mean. But between Mega Man Legacy Collection available now (and soon for the Switch) and a refresh of the NES Classic Edition coming this summer, I can't see any reason anyone would bother with this outside of pure collecting purposes.

Thanks to Auto for the tip!