Battle Geek Plus's Awesome Video Game Memories of Mega Man Zero 4

This one regrettably fell by the wayside for me, but Ryan of Battle Geek Plus is wrapping up the saga of Zero with his "Awesome Video Game Memories" of Mega Man Zero 4!

Unlike the rest of the series, my memories of this one are... scant. I've played it, I own it -- twice over, thanks to Mega Man Zero Collection -- and I've even seen the ending, though I can't remember if I ever beat it myself, or simply watched someone else do it. It's just a weird an unusual blind spot in my memory, like I remember everything of significance, but not of taking any part in it.

Ryan talks about the Zero Knuckle, which was a pretty cool and sadly underutilized innovation in the franchise. It's a shame that it was only ever used for this one title, really.

As for the ending? I'll admit, despite all the "Zero dies" jokes, I was saddened by it. I still remember people trying to spot hints that he survived in the final scene, but I think it's pretty definitive now. It's too bad that Zero didn't get to enjoy the peace (though one wonders if a guy like him would even be able to), but at least he finally got to rest.

One other point of note is that this game marks the first time a Mega Man series ever well and truly ended. And at such a low number! With over twice as many Mega Man X games and over four times as many Classic titles, it's no wonder there were people who figured Zero survived somehow. If only Mega Man Legends were allowed the chance at going out with that kind of dignity.

So how about you guys? Did you enjoy Mega Man Zero 4? Did you feel it was too easy? Are you still trying to find proof of Zero's continued existence? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!