The Similarity Between Faithfully, All the Right Friends, and Elec Man's Theme

Those with an ear for music have long noticed that there appears to be a certain similarity between "Faithfully" by the band Journey and the theme for the Elec Man stage in the original Mega Man game, composed by Manami Matsumae -- to say nothing of R.E.M.'s later release, "All the Right Friends".

Sometimes some tunes just sound similar -- it's a thing that happens. Other times, people are inspired or will sample other music, and in worst-case scenarios, outright plagiarize.

So what's the story here? Nintendo Life and Gaijillionaire went straight Matsumae herself in search of an answer:

So, that settles that, but for one thing: Where does the theme song to M.A.S.K. fit into all of this?

Thanks to mirahsan2 for the tip!