TMMN Jukebox Vol. 2

Well, this is a feature I thought would become more of a thing, but never did -- the retroactive "Volume 1" was all the way back in 2013!

Anyway, in my travels across the internet, I come across a fair bit of game music, and a good number of those pieces are from Mega Man. Unfortunately, I don't always have time to give them their own dedicated post, so for the sake of expediency and getting them seen in a somewhat-timely manner, here's a virtual jukebox of fan-remixed Mega Man songs for you to listen to.

Starting us off is this live performance of Skull Man's stage theme from Mega Man 4, as performed by Extra Lives:

You can find more from them on their YouTube channel. Thanks to Cheryll Mansueto for passing this along!


Now here's something quite different than we're used to seeing around here. While remixes of music from the Mega Man video games are quite common, remixes from the cartoons are another matter entirely. But that's what Emmanuel EXE apparently commissioned Luke Jansen on YouTube to do, as there is now an entire seven-track remix album based on music from the Rockman.EXE anime. Check it out:

Thanks to MegaTuga for sending this my way!


Finally, to close us out is a trio of Epic Game Music guitar remixes of some Classic -- and one X -- songs. First up is Flash Man's stage theme:

Next up is a quick jump to the year 21XX as we look to the skies for Storm Eagle's soaring tune:

And finally, it's back to the modern day for Mega Man 2's somber ending theme:


And there you have it! Enjoy the tunes, leave your thoughts in the comments, and don't forget to tip your waiters (i.e. click "Like" on the videos and maybe subscribe, since YouTubers live or die by that stuff).