Retropolis Zone Takes on J's Reviews in Mega Man X Marathon Race

Retropolis Zone, whose name you might recognize here from their series of elaborate "Quickies Don't Cut" it reviews/in-depth examinations of the Mega Man X series, has announced that on Sunday, February 11th, they will be streaming a marathon race that pits them against J's Reviews (who did "The All Inclusive Mega Man X Retrospective!", which I'm only learning about now) in the first six games of the aforementioned series.

The full rules are in the video's description (as well as the above video), but the gist is that they are racing for the best time in each of the first six Mega Man X games, and even if there's a clean sweep of the first four, they will be playing all six games regardless.

It begins at 2:30pm GMT/9:30am EST, and if you're interested in tuning in, you can do so by following this link.