Get Me Off The Moon Announces Fan Fiction Contest That Lives Up to Their Name

It was reported in this space at the start of the year that the Facebook group Get Me Off The Moon would be celebrating 20 years of Mega Man Legends all throughout 2018 with a variety of contests and events, and now we've got word of what the first one will be.

Kicking off the "Year of Mega Man Legends" will be a fan fiction contest that takes care of some old business, though it need not be written to be eligible for judging. Whether you draw a comic, make a fan game, create an animation, record an audio drama, or whatever your muse and talent entices you to create, your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to -- quite simply -- get MegaMan Volnutt off the moon:

However you see fit, we want you to tell us the events that occur AFTER Legends 2, explain the beginning events of Legends 3, or otherwise tell us what happens to our intrepid young Digger after he gets stranded on the moon. You can do this by either writing it in a fan fiction, comic, playable fan-game, audio drama, a piece of animation, anything you want! As long as it resolves the cliffhanger ending of Legends 2!

In addition to glamor and glitter, fashion and fame, your efforts (should you have the winning submission) will be rewarded with a grand prize that includes:

[T]he "Bad" (Dark) MegaMan Volnutt 4 Inch Nel figure (a NYCC and Wonderfest exclusive), an 11" by 17" poster of the 20th anniversary Legends artwork we commissioned from Bonus Level, and a 13" bead sprite of Volnutt's sprite from Namco X Capcom.

For rules, how to submit, and other fun details, check out this post over on Get Me Off The Moon's page. Best of luck to those who participate!