Pixel Dan Gives Us a Closer Look at Jakks Pacific's Mega Man Lineup

Yesterday, we got a nice look at the swath of Mega Man merch that was on display this past weekend at the New York Toy Fair, as well as the World Hobby Fair in Japan.

Today, though, Pixel Dan is giving us a closer look and more information about what we can expect from Jakks Pacific's offerings for the Blue Bomber's 30th anniversary:

Of particular note are that the 8-bit styled figured feature some limited articulation for posing, and that they've already got a second series in the works based on Mega Man 2.

In addition, the 10-inch action figure on display was only a prototype, but the final version will feature electronics that can recognize the different weapons plugged into the barrel of the Mega Buster, such as the Rolling Cutter, Hyper Bomb, and Ice Slasher examples that were on display.