ProJared Plays Mega Man X3

Recently on his second gameplay channel, ProJared picked up the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System game (not to be confused for a Super NES Classic game) Mega Man X3. He says he's not as familiar with it as he is others in the series, but if I'm being honest, he seems to have retained more of it over the years than I have!

Be warned of Not Safe For Work language within:

In the course of watching these videos (specifically the last one, which just went up earlier today), some thoughts were brought to mind that I figured would be good to share here.

For starters: Has Capcom ever clarified what in the blue blazes "RP" stands for?

The stat has been used as a measure of "power" and "speed" for boss and major Reploid characters in games such as Mega Man X2 and Mega Man X3, with X and Zero's being unknown quantities. Even #20 of the Reploid Research Lavatory doesn't know; his guess is that the "R" could stand for "Reploid" or "Reactor," with "P" standing for "Power," except that one field is for "power" already seemingly makes this unlikely, as it would be redundant.

My guess, if I had to make one, would be "Reploid Potential." Reploids' potential is something of a running theme throughout the series, and we know X's is supposed to be limitless, whereas Zero's is so high it might as well be. But that's only a guess.

The other big thought that was brought to mind was about Sigma's fate at the end of the game. As we see him receive the antivirus Doppler made for him, he says his program is fading, but as Mega Man X4 starts up, there he is, scheming like nothing ever happened -- no explanation given at any point.

Sigma as the boss of the first three games forms a nice little trilogy that reaches what feels like a proper conclusion, and I was kind of disappointed to see him come back in the first PlayStation outing. Had they bothered to give any reason why he survived (even a simple "the antivirus wasn't strong enough"), it might have been one thing, but without that, he just felt like he overstayed his welcome.

But then, overstaying his welcome is something Sigma's always been good at. He's had more great opportunities for a sendoff than any other fictional character I can think of, yet he always comes back -- even the characters in-universe seemed to be getting sick of it.

Mega Man X5? In a desperate attempt to awaken Zero's true self, he spreads himself so thin that he shouldn't survive the encounter (never mind that this was planned to be the end of the series, besides; Mega Man Zero would indicate that in some form or another, Sigma's essence would be around for some time to come, and we don't know if that was retconned in after Mega Man X6, or always part of the plan). Mega Man X6, he was being revived, but in an incredibly weak state -- a perfect time to finish him off for good.

Mega Man X8 was thought by some to be it for Sigma as well, but given how Capcom keeps bringing him back, one can't be blamed for being skeptical.

I like Sigma as a character, and I even like some of the things Capcom has done with him past Mega Man X3 (some neat bodies, if nothing else), but I feel like constantly the way they've kept bringing him back has cheapened the character somewhat (with Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite being something of an exception).

But what are your thoughts? Feel free to discuss in the comments below!