Capcom Reveals Details for Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 & 2 on Nintendo Switch

Today, Capcom has pulled back the curtain on their plans to finally bring both installments of the Mega Man Legacy Collection to the Nintendo Switch, as revealed by the following trailer:

Both releases will be available on a physical game card and as a digital Nintendo eShop release on May 22nd. If you go the digital route, you can purchase them individually, with Mega Man Legacy Collection priced at $14.99 USD and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 at $19.99 USD, while purchasing the physical release at retail will cost you $39.99 USD (and net you an exclusive Mega Man 30th Anniversary cleaning cloth in the process).

In addition, you can still use either version of the Mega Man amiibo figure to unlock extra challenges, and the rewind feature that was introduced in The Disney Afternoon Collection is now available here as well -- at least for the NES games.

Sharp-eyed viewers of the above video may notice that towards the end, it says that with the purchase of the physical version, only Mega Man Legacy Collection is on the game card. Those wanting to play Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will have to get their Nintendo Switch online and download it using an included code, not unlike what Nintendo themselves did with the recent release of Bayonetta 2 (where the first game of the series had to be downloaded separately).

Suffice to say, as USgamer reports (full disclosure: my wife wrote this one), people seem to be less than pleased -- especially as the data included on the card has weighed in at less than half a gigabyte on other platforms, while the downloadable Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 takes up quite a bit more space, ranging from almost four to six whole gigabytes. As noted on the box itself (see gallery below), this means that investing in a microSD card may be necessary for some users.

Source: Capcom Unity